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Please be assured that we are here for you should you have to travel. 
If an emergency or urgent need arises just call us as always on 800 266 6738
or email your request to airlineretirees@hotmail.com
Sheila and I wish everyone the best through this difficult time.
Be safe and stay well.
Dan Blyth
Welcome to the retirees of Alitalia, Aloha, ATA, Braniff, BWIA, Colgan,
Eastern Airlines, ExpressJet, Fedex, Mexicana, Olympic, Reeve, PanAm, Sabena, Swissair,
TWA and Varig
For information on which airlines offer travel benefits, and to whom,
click-on "Participating airlines"
For additions, changes and updates to which airlines offer benefits
or changes to eligibility or in fact, anything new, click-on "What's new"
Call 1-800-266 6738 Mon-Fri 0930-1700 EST 
e-mail us airlineretirees@hotmail.com 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
NOTE: all passes are electronic, so if you have an emergency, on most airlines
you can get a pass within 2 hours of departure time. Otherwise just order your pass
one or two business days in advance of travel.
You may e-mail us at anytime for specific fare information:-
click-on "General info" to see what information must be included in you e-mail pass request.
Again, welcome to the Airlines Retiree Pass Bureau (ARPB)
To Register - please email to   airlineretirees@hotmail.com

We will need the following:

Last Name

First Name

Middle Name

Employee #

Date of birth

(if you would like to register your spouse to allow him/her to travel independently from the retiree)

Spouse's full name

Date of birth

Registration fee $50 per person payable by credit card. $100 total for retiree/spouse.

If you would like to register Parents and/dependent child/children (age 16-23) so he/she is allowed to travel independently, without the retiree, we will need:

Parents full name and birthdate

Child's Name as appears on passport , date of birth, relationship to retiree.

$50 registration fee applies per child

Credit Card#-

Expiration date-

Security code-

Name as is appears on the card

Mailing address to mail Travel Card

Please allow 10-15 business days to process and receive travel card.



ARPB Enrollment

800 266 6738